Rabbit and Mouse is a Flash cartoon made in New York City by us- the three guys in the picture. Sam and Josh do most of the writing and voices, Josh does the drawing, Brian and Josh animate the thing and Brian does all the coding and web stuff. Also, we often draw on the ideas, opinions and voices of our very talented friends.

Originally, the cartoon was going to feature two crabs in a pet store. It would have been called "These Crabs are Hammered." After some thought, the crabs were replaced with a rabbit and a mouse. The rest kind of just happened.


the straight commersch:
voices: elliott and eric.

writing: keith
music: elliott
voices: alexis, keith

you, a rock, and nothing:
writing: keith
music: elliott
voices: keith

the O.C.:
writing: elliott, keith
music: elliott
voices: elliott
sfx: keith

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